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The Wanderer Thai bar is a brainchild of a Thai chef Sarit (whose English nickname is James). James has been passionate about food from early childhood. As a small kid, he helped his parents and grandparents running a family restaurant on the banks of the mighty Chaopraya River in Bangkok.


As he grew, his involvement in the restaurant grew as well, and ultimately, he became its manager. He was also helping in the kitchen and intimately learned the complex art of matching Thai flavours.


In Australia, he worked in several Thai restaurants, including the renowned Red spice road, Long Chim in Perth, and then became part of the start-up crew for Long Chim at the Crown Casino in Melbourne.


Subsequently, an opportunity arose to open his own restaurant in Melbourne CBD, which he decided to call The Wanderer Thai bar. The name encapsulates the philosophy of offering modern and street Thai cuisine with distinctive Asian flavours but also being inclusive of other cuisines he became familiar with, such as Vietnamese and Laos.

The place is intended to run as all-day Thai food at a reasonable price and offering live Thai music for Friday-Saturday night. So, come along and enjoy our great offering, relaxing ambience and super friendly staff.


James spends a lot of time ensuring that the restaurant can offer the freshest and best quality ingredients cooked to perfection by a team of talented chefs. He tried and tasted wares from many suppliers to ensure that the best quality ingredients are available for the customers to enjoy. What makes the great outcome is the number of rejections of places that didn't quite meet his exacting standards.

As a new kid on the block, we are quite aware that customers keep coming back to their favourite place for several reasons. They obviously must like the food, its freshness, taste and consistency. They must enjoy the modern and muted ambience, and the mood changing as the day progresses. They also value the quality of service which must be prompt, attentive and not overwhelming.

At the Wanderer, we think that's just a starting point. We would like to offer organic produce where possible to get it. Our menu reflects seasonality and we pass on savings offered by our suppliers in weekly specials. And chef Sarit made sure through extensive trials that generations-old recipes passed down the line in his family have been modernized to provide an outstanding experience to our customers.

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